Your Right to a Safe Workplace – Compensation for Your Injuries

By Bruce P. Miller

Reality cable shows like Deadliest Catch and Ax Men thrill millions of viewers with an inside look at the two most dangerous jobs in America: logging and commercial fishing.  But you don’t have to get tangled in a runaway fishing net or struck by a falling tree to get hurt on the job. Every day, 12 Americans go to work and never come home. Every year, nearly 3 million more suffer debilitating injuries.

Under federal law, every employee has the right to a safe workplace. If you believe your workplace is dangerous, you can request an inspection from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a federal agency. Click here for more information, including educational resources for both employees and employers.

Workers’ compensation, which is regulated on the state level, covers medical bills, lost wages, and disability benefits for employees injured on the job. If you are hurt at work, report your injury to your employer immediately. Download this handy checklist to collect information for your claim. If your employer doesn’t report your claim or the insurer denies your claim, you may need a lawyer. Contact us anytime for more information.

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